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Our staff has been in the DFW real estate market since April of 2001. We have been purchasing, renovating, leasing and selling properties throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and surrounding areas for almost 20 years. We have invested and developed everything from workforce class homes to high-end custom homes.


Urban Arise's main objective is to buy, develop, and renovate moderate-income housing across the world. The sole intention is to help the blighted neighborhoods by improving the properties and helping out buyers by giving them credit towards their closing costs, enabling moderate-income families the opportunity to qualify for a home. We also seek to inspire, educate and impact those seeking to learn more about our investment opportunities and yield above-average income to assist in living a better quality of life.



– Six single-family homes in Lancaster, TX

  • Lakefront construction of single-family homes on Richland Chambers Lake

  • Mixed-use commercial building in South Dallas

  • Awarded the bid from Builders of Hope, a non-profit Dallas organization, to construct seven houses. Construction completed in 47 days, slab to C.O.

  • Construction of two high-end custom homes in Windsor Ridge, a gated community in Las Colinas, where the Byron Nelson Golf Tournament is hosted yearly.

  • Constructed single-family homes in Frost Farms Community, Desoto

  • Eighteen townhomes in East Dallas, Kirby Villas, just south of Fitzhugh

  • Built new homes in Plano, Prosper and Ponder, TX



New construction – 6 townhome units in Las Colinas.

–   Land Cost:                         $264,000.

–   Construction Cost           $1,174,044.

–   Total Project Cost           $1,438,044.


SALE PRICE:  (six units)               $1,740,000.


This project will be very similar to the 18 townhome project built in East Dallas.

Kirby Villas, NEC of Kirby/Deere, just south of Fitzhugh.





  • Amour Vallee 1, 2211-2231 Lovedale Ave – Acquired 6 duplex lots in Dallas and platting 30 townhome lots near Love Field. 5 buildings of 6 units each.  

  • Amour Valle 2, 2129-2157 Lovedale Ave– Acquired 8 duplex lots in Dallas and platting 42 Townhome lots –  7 buildings of 6 units each.  

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